An expansive resource provided by Seattle Audubon. Includes descriptions, range maps, behaviors and more on birds across the Pacific Northwest.

Birds of the
North Olympic Peninsula

We have exceptional birdwatching year-round. Due to diverse habitat, from rainforest to tidelands, many species remain as summer residents.

Amphibians & Reptiles

Six species of salamanders and newts and five species of toads and frogs may be found in the Dungeness watershed.

Salmon & Trout

The Dungeness River is home to nine salmonid species, many of which spawn in freshwater but spend a large portion of their life cycle in the ocean.

Butterflies of
Clallam County

A list of the butterflies that are common in Clallam County.

Freshwater Macroinvertebrates

These creatures are associated with relatively clean, highly oxygenated water suitable for salmon & trout.

Insects and Their Relatives:

Each insect has its own ecology, with impacts upon many other species.

Taking Care of the Dungeness 

Our river is central to the culture and life of our area, please take time to read this helpful brochure on how to care for it!

Native Plants of
Railroad Bridge Park

List of native plants found in Railroad Bridge Park.

Plants of the Lower Dungeness River and Railroad Bridge Park

A printable PDF field guide booklet full of native plant descriptions and pictures.

Noxious Weeds

We all share responsibility for protecting Washington from noxious weeds.  This site can help you learn how to do your part.

Riparian Forests

The Dungeness River is extremely dynamic. Floods cut new channels, trees fall to floods and new succession opportunities develop, adding diversity in the riparian zone.

Values of Riparian Habitat to Wildlife

Riparian zones provide wild animal needs for food, water, and protection from predators and unfavorable weather.

2006 Plant Survey

Plants found in the vicinity of the Railroad Bridge Park
and the Dungeness River
Natural History Center

Christmas Bird Count Data

From the Sequim-Dungeness Christmas Bird Count, 1975-2008