River Center Rally

River Center Rally: What is it?


River Center Rally is an opportunity to connect with the outside world in your favorite way while raising funds to support education programs of the Dungeness River Audubon Center and maintain Railroad Bridge Park. These vibrant community resources provide cultural and environmental education for over 3,000 students of all ages and host over 600 classes, programs, and events each year. In 2018, more than 150,000 people used Railroad Bridge Park. Many walkers and bikers used the Olympic Discovery Trail and crossed the historic bridge without realizing that the first mile of the Trail was completed in Railroad Bridge Park and is operated on donations from individuals.  The River Center Rally is a walkathon-modeled event that lasts a few months and encourages participants and donors to celebrate all the ways we connect with the outdoors while at the same time supporting the mission of the Dungeness River Audubon Center.

Spring is the time to Rally!

Our teams, or yours, have many reasons to rally during the event period of March through late June. There are many reasons to connect with the outdoors though the River Center rally. Here are a few examples of how our teams are motivating themselves during the time period: Earth Day, Arbor Day, major arrivals of spring migrants, time for a garden, National Bike Month, National Physical Fitness and Health Month, National Family Wellness Month, National Wildflower Week, the trails are drying out, and you deserve that sun on your face after a long winter huddled inside.

Participating in River Center Rally is easy
·     You can do River Center Rally on your own or join a team.
·     Choose one or more favorite activities, e.g., walking, biking, gardening, birding, horseback riding, removing invasive plants, or anything else you can track the time, mileage, etc. of the activity.
·     Email to get the materials you need to turn your outdoor activity into supporting a park and center that our community loves!
·     Gather pledges to support your River Center Rally activities and keep a record of them.

You’ll can email or call 360-681-4076 and say you are interested in participating Or, you can signup in person at the River Center, 2151 W. Hendrickson Road, Sequim, WA.