Event: Backyard Birder Series – Sounds of Spring

Backyard Birder Series – Sounds of Spring

Our April class in the Series brings Sounds of Spring’ to you a month earlier than last year, and, will help tune up your ear for BirdFest.  Dow Lambert and Ken Wiersema will present one of the most popular and well-attended programs, at the Dungeness River Audubon Center, Railroad Bridge Park. Their presentation includes new and re-edited slides, videos, and sound recordings of our local birds. Each year, polishing your listening skills will help you recognize neighborhood birds by their songs and their calls. Come and improve your knowledge and enjoyment of the birds in our backyards, fields, and shores.

This series of classes is hosted by the Olympic Peninsula Audubon Society (OPAS).  It is intended for residents of this area who are interested in knowing more about wild birds seen locally each season of the year; and, learning how to develop good habitats for them.  The series is presented Saturdays from 10-12noon at the Dungeness River Audubon Center.  “Backyard Birding” can be taken either as an individual class or as a series.  The tuition for each session is $5 and is free for anyone under 18. Upon completion of five sessions, participants will be offered free membership in OPAS for one year.