Event: Swallows – Acrobats of Our Spring and Summer Skies


This month’s OPAS meeting will feature Ken Wiersema, who moved to Clallam County in 1994 when Swallows peaked his engineering interest with the need to build and install nest boxes for the birds as they returned to his pasture and pond each spring.  He has committed to learning about the Swallows, building boxes that meet their needs, and collecting photos and sounds of their actions.

 Each year’s first sighting of Swallows means the renewal of spring and warmth and growth brought by summer are on their way.  Swallows can devour flying insects, nest in our yards, and be fun to observe.  Come and enjoy an illustrated program concentrated on our local Swallow species, their identification, and how we can conserve and help protect the environment they need to flourish.
Where: Dungeness River Audubon Center
Date: Wednesday, March 21st
Time: 7 pm