Event: Create A Field Guide to Railroad Bridge Park

Create A Field Guide to Railroad Bridge Park

You will learn to identify different species through the lectures & field experience. We will go out in the field and make our observations through drawings, note-taking, photographs, etc. Our goal at the end of the series

of classes is to create a unique and informative field guide to the Railroad Bridge Park. The science

information will be taught by Jenna Ziogas and Robert Amaral will teach the the drawing component of

the classes.

The five topics covered will be:

1. Plants – Session 1: Deciduous Plants (June 22nd) and Session 2: Evergreens (July 27th)

3. Insects – Butterflies, Moths and other Insect Life (Aug. 31st)

4. Fish – Various fish species & aquatic life in the Dungeness River (Sept. 21st)

5. Fungus – Mushrooms (Oct. 19th) 

Call The Dungeness River Audubon Center at Railroad Bridge Park 

for more information: 360 • 681 • 4076